Beach Competition


Compete in our Beach Competition!

A unique experience that combines five exciting activities designed and offered by Team Building Malaga, and can be carried out on any of the authorized beaches of the Costa del Sol.

We have a variety of options for you, and here is an example of five activities that guarantee fun and foster teamwork:

  • Beach Hockey: Challenge your colleagues or friends to a game of hockey in the sand. This sport combines skill, strategy, and cooperation, making it an excellent activity to promote teamwork.

  • Beach Volleyball: Immerse yourself in the excitement of beach volleyball. Face your teammates in an action-packed match on the sand. This activity not only improves communication and collaboration but also adds a dose of competitive fun.

  • Beach Soccer: Ready to show off your soccer skills on the beach? Beach soccer is an excellent way to bond with your group while enjoying the sun and sand. It enhances camaraderie and cooperation among participants.

  • Ultimate Frisbee: Experience the thrill of throwing and catching a frisbee on the beach. This activity promotes agility and coordination while emphasizing the importance of communication and team strategy.

  • Dodgeball: Dive into a classic game of dodgeball on the beach. This game fosters quick thinking, decision-making, and collaboration while having fun outdoors.

You can choose to play a single one of these activities if you have a specific preference or combine several of them for a day full of variety and camaraderie on the beach. But the fun doesn’t end there. After teams have competed in these exciting activities, we offer an additional exciting challenge: the famous ‘tug of war.’ This final test gives teams one last chance to achieve victory, promoting perseverance and adaptation to changing situations.

At Team Building Malaga, we tailor the experience to your needs and schedule, so you can enjoy a day of friendly competition and camaraderie on the beach to the fullest.

“Play hard and be the best team!”



Teamwork, as in any good team building activity, is necessary to have a chance to win the competition.


Every single challenge and point is important. Make sure your team fights until the end!


Three games mean three opportunities. Even if you lose one of them don’t give up and do your best in the next game! 


Our games are very fun and competitive but also completely safe.

Number of people: 20 to 300

Duration: from 2h to 3h

Place of the activity: This activity can be carried out on any authorized beach on the Costa del Sol.

Physical Requirement


Team Work





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