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A Casino Night is ideal to enjoy a fun and special evening on the Costa del Sol. It is recommended for groups from 10 to 60 people. Always using our customable “fake money” to exchange for Casino chips and play, the game will always be what it really is: just a game.

We can propose a large variety of betting games like:

  • Caribbean Stud Poker tables
  • Poker tables and poker tournaments
  • Blackjack tables
  • Roulette tables
  • Craps tables
  • Thimblerig
  • Fortune Roulette
  • Horse Race Bets

We cover “La Costa del Sol” in Andalusia, so we can offer you our “Fun Casino events” in different places like:

  • Marbella
  • Sotogrande
  • Malaga
  • Gibraltar

We can provide you with as many tables as you require. We will give you personalized ideas to meet any of your expectations. Here a few examples:

A Night in Las Vegas” (ideal for incentives and corporate events)

As the guests step into the events hall, they will have the impressive feeling of being in a Las Vegas Casino. With their worthless chips they will be able to enjoy the gambling feeling on any of the gaming tables. Our croupiers will explain the rules and tricks of the different games during the entire event as many times as needed. You could also have the chips exchanged for any price set by the events host.

Inaugurations and other similar events

On this occasion we would recommend that due to the large amount of people attending these events, you offer the 5 rounds play. This is a game where the guests play 5 rounds on the same table with a start amount of 10 chips the winner of these 5 rounds will get a special chip which can be exchanged for a prize.

Private parties and charity events

This suggestion is nearly the same as example 1, the only difference is that the chips will now have a value and the guests have to pay to get a certain amount of chips. The player who has done well and reached to have a high amount of chips can then exchange these chips for a ticket to enter a raffle.

We have an idea for every FUN CASINO event, you name it and we will design this event for you with the great opportunity to have personalized chips, you can promote your company or event and make your guests feel like in Monte Carlo.

Now it’s your chance, design an play in your own casino night!

Now it’s your chance, design an play in your own casino night!



Betting games are always a competition. May the best win!


Food, colleagues, costumes, game, play… is there anything better than this??


You can give to your casino night a special touch, including some prizes that the participants can redeem for a determinate amount.


Choose the type of casino night that you want (Las Vegas, modern style, etc) and enjoy!







Number of people: 10 to 200

Duration: 2h

Place of the activity: This activity can be carried out both in a hotel and on private premises. We only need a certain space, depending on the size of the group.



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