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At Team Building Málaga, we present one of the most sought-after corporate social responsibility activities: a bicycle building workshop with a noble and shared purpose.

The highlight of this activity is that the entire group will have the opportunity to make a significant contribution to a social cause, providing assistance to those in need around the world. The bicycles built will not only symbolize mobility and fun but also serve as a special gift for children who might not otherwise have access to this universal toy.

What makes this experience unique is that, as a group, you will have the option to decide where the bicycles will be donated. Whether you prefer a specific NGO or would like us to search for an organization in need of these bicycles, the choice is yours. In addition to bicycle construction, this activity fosters collaboration, team spirit, and social responsibility among the participants. It’s a unique opportunity to leave a positive and charitable mark on society while strengthening bonds within the group.

Do you want to see a child’s smile?



It’s an activity that everyone wants to do. There is no greater satisfaction than working for the happiness of the little ones.


This activity cannot be completed or won if you do not work as a team properly. Set-up and testing for key elements require cooperation between partners.


This unique experience allows you to make a lasting impact. You have the opportunity to choose where the bicycles, crafted with care and teamwork, will be donated. Whether you wish to support a particular NGO close to your heart or prefer our assistance in finding an organization in need, your decision is a meaningful one.


Your choice in this journey of giving is profound, as it brings joy and opportunity to children’s lives. Help us unlock the door to childhood laughter, as you become a part of a heartwarming narrative where a simple gift, a bicycle, can make a world of difference.

Number of people: 20 to 300

Duration: 2h

Place of the activity: This activity can be carried out both in a hotel and on private premises. We only need a certain space, depending on the size of the group

You want to get a child’s smile?

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