High Hike


A gymkhana in nature!

Team Building Malaga offers you the opportunity to enjoy a unique activity on the Costa del Sol, a combination of a treasure hunt with iPads and a hiking route in the mountains.

At the beginning of the activity, we will divide the group into teams, our qualified monitor will provide you with a backpack with the necessary materials for the activity, including an iPad, which will be essential to locate you on the map, thanks to its geolocation system with which you will be able to see in real time the location of the different evidence scattered around the map.

This activity has a competition component, so the tests scattered around the map will award a series of points. In these tests, the teams will have to test themselves by performing different tasks such as, for example:

  • Taking a creative photo of something specific
  • Record a video
  • Answering quiz questions
  • Etc

Don’t hesitate any longer, if you have an adventurous soul and want to try a very special activity, we will be happy to organise it for you.



It is not only about answering questions, but also about overcoming different challenges and tests.



This is a team competition in which you will be able to see the points of all the teams until half an hour before the end.


Organising a strategy is the key to winning this game, as all the tests do not have the same points, and you can check this by clicking on each of them.


As in any competition, there is only one winner and… it’s a surprise!

Number of people: 20 to 200

Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Availability: All year round, subject to availability

Physical Condition


Team Work





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