Unique activity on Costa del Sol!

We present our “High-9”, a mixture of Gymkhana and treasure hunt that can be carried out in any location (hotel, villa, restaurant, winery, etc…), making it a very fun, exclusive and private activity.

The great advantage of this activity is that there is no need to move the group, as it is designed in the place where the group is staying.

This gymkhana has many challenges, among the great variety that you will find in this activity, you have challenges such as:

  • Quiz type questions
  • Photo and video challenges
  • Intelligence games, such as puzzles, etc…
  • Personalised challenges
  • And many more!

Participants will have to discover and complete some special challenges distributed around the site. To access them, they will have to find and scan a series of QR codes, hidden around the area. To find these QRs, participants will have to read and decipher a series of clues, using their wits, and discover where they are hidden.

At the start of the activity, each team will be given a backpack with various materials, but the main tool of the gymkhana will be an iPad, which will be used to guide the teams around the site, thanks to a map with a geolocation system. The map displayed on the iPad will show a series of points of interest where the teams will have to go to try to score points, and a series of clues that will give them access to discover the location of the QRs.



Competition is part of the adrenaline of the activity, so each team will earn a number of points as the activity progresses.


This High-9 can be customised, both in terms of timetable, available budget, modification of game points, etc.


The activity will take place in a private venue, subject to availability of space.


It should not be forgotten that this is a competition, so at the end of the activity only one team will be proclaimed the winner.

Physical Conditions




Team Work


Number of participants: 20 to 400

Duration: 2h to 3h

Place of the activity: This activity will take place at the place where the group is staying. Either in a hotel or any other private venue.


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