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 We present to you the latest news from Team Building Malaga, our “High Ten” for corporate groups. This gymkhana with iPads and electric bikes/scooters is a fun combination of:

  •  Treasure hunt
  • Quiz
  • Cultural tour of the city
  • Competition
  • Teamwork

The iPad will be the fundamental tool that the teams will use to discover the questions and tests to take during the activity.

 The teams will leave the hotel with their bike (or electric scooter), following one of the designed (authorized) routes and will encounter a series of fun challenges and workshops. In order to visit the historic center of the city, there will be points where you can leave your vehicles to walk around it and participate in various challenges that we will have prepared.

 To make this activity something like no other, we will have a series of specific carvings spread across the map to do as a group. These workshops can be of a wide variety, such as:

  •  Flamenco Workshop
  • Wine tasting, oil
  • Picasso’s workshop
  • Sports on the beach
  • And much more

In addition to these tests, we will give participants the opportunity to change vehicles with their teammates if they wish (between standard bike, electric bike and electric scooter). The activity combines cultural, gastronomic, competition and team building elements, sustainable mobility, art, etc.

 Come try the High-Ten and enjoy like never before!



Competition is part of the adrenaline of the activity, so each team will earn a number of points as the activity progresses.


Each participant can choose the transport for the activity. With the possibility of choosing between standard bike, electric bike, electric scooter.


In addition to the challenges around the map, there will be a series of workshops scattered around the map to make this activity incredible.


Don’t forget that all the activity will take place around the city, so it’s a perfect opportunity to enjoy the sights and iconic places.

Number of persons: 20 to 500

Duration: 2h30min

Location of the activity: We can organise this activity in many areas of Andalusia, just contact us for more information.

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