¡Create and enjoy your OWN tailor-made event!

In Team Building Malaga we give you the possibility to create your 100% personalised interactive treasure hunt with iPads on the Costa del Sol, in Andalusia. Following your vision of the event, we will help you create a unique and personal activity that the participants will certainly not forget. We will design “YOUR” event, fully designed for your brand, all the points of interest will be directly related to your branding and communication, from the logo of the game to the avatar that will welcome the participants.

We can offer several possibilities such as:

  • Personalised quiz can be themed to your company or any other theme you wish
  • Possibility to include photos and videos
  • Customized games related to the company actions such as product launching, recording an advertising spot, etc…
  • Customized icons on the map
  • Do you want to give it a more cultural approach, or more a team building competition? Or maybe a historical or gastronomic touch? We can do anything!
  • Possibility to create the gymkhana for charitable purposes, converting, for example, the obtained points by the teams in donations to NGOs.

And overall, to give the activity an even more special and personal touch, we offer you the possibility of including a virtual avatar (with your company logo) that can give a welcome speech, as well as giving advice and telling curiosities throughout the experience.

Each team will have a backpack with different tools, which will be necessary to overcome the challenges of the gymkhana.

The iPad will be the most important tool that the teams will use to guide them around the city thanks to a map with a real-time geolocation system. The way to play during the activity will be through a series of POI on the map. It should be noted that each icon represents a specific task to complete, in addition to having a specific score depending on the difficulty of the challenge.

The starting point can be anywhere (city centre, hotel, beach, etc.) and the activity can end at any other point if you need it.

The most original gymkhana of the Costa del Sol!



Being a game played by teams, the competition component is very present and important.


As previously mentioned, not all the challenges give the same amount of points, so it is necessary to plan the team strategy very well in order to obtain the maximum number of points.


Your event, your gymkhana. As simple as that! Either with the duration you need, or with the number of challenges that works best for you.


As in any competition, only one team can be proclaimed winner of the gymkhana.

Number of persons: 20 to 400

Duration: 2h

Location: We can organise this activity in many areas of Andalucia, just contact us for more information.

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