Ice Breaker

For corporate groups looking for an effective, straighforward and unusual activity

Please browse the selection of icebreaking activities here-under and let us know which one would match best with your groip’s profile and event’s program. Our icebreaking experiences are generally short and dynamic group activities to be enjoyed at the arrival in the hotel or conference center, between business meetings or before a meal.
The ice breaking activities can combine fun, strategy and culture and are designed for groups of 10 to 400 participants.
  • Picasso Workshop

    Team building Malaga propose you an unique teambuilding activity in Andalucia, our Picasso Workshop. We will test the creatives skills of your group with a guarantee fun. How it works First Chapter: Once the teams has been created, some mind games will have to be solved in a determinated period of time. Completing these games […]

  • Become a F1 Designer

    Team building Malaga offers you an amazing teambuilding activity, suitable all year round and for all types of participants profiles. In our F1 workshop will be many task to do if you want to be successful and win the challenge. How it works This activity explore the following aspects of team building : Leadership Communication Change […]

  • Strategy Games

    Team building Malaga has designed a strategy games experience, perfect for teambuilding and corporate groups in Costa del Sol. This experience combines teamwork, communication, change management, leadership, listening, adaptability, time management. How it works We can propose the following games : Tower of power (leadership, listening, etc) Spider web (strategy, time management, etc) Scoop challenge […]

  • The Haka Power

    Teambuilding Malaga propose you one of the most fun teambuilding activities on Costa del Sol. Our “Haka Power” experienceis the perfect activity to exhibite the values of ancient tribes: pride, strength and unity. How it works First of all, we will show to the group a video of a Haka from the famous New Zealand Rugby […]

  • Hotel Mystery Challenge

    Team building Malaga  propose you our exclusive activity called “Hotel Mystery Challenge”. This experience is the perfect combination of escape room, treasure hunt, challenges and mind games. How it works For this game, we will divide the group in differents teams so we can create a competition atmosphere. Once all the teams are created, we […]

  • Cocktail Games

    Team building Malaga offers you a series of uniques and very funny games for your corporate group. These games are perfect as an ice breaking activity and will create a really good atmosphere. How it works We offer you the possibility to enjoy these games in two different ways, you can either choose some games at […]

  • Olive Oil Tasting

    Team building Malaga offers you an unusual, affordable and unforgettable activity for corporate groups. We will organize a professional olive oil tasting sessions in your hotel of residence, or in one of our spectacular venues available in Malaga, Marbella, Sotogrande, Ronda, Mijas. How it works Our culinary expert will explain you how to properly “taste” […]

  • Quiz Challenge For Groups

    Team building Malaga propose you a very original teambuilding activity called the “Team Quiz”,  that can be done indoor (ideal for winter or as plan B for any beach activity, for example). This activity will unify the team, create emotional bonds and above all create a really fun and challenging experience. How it works This activity is a […]

  • Escape from the Boat

    Team building Malaga offers you a fun outdoor activity for you and your group. Combine the challenging and rewarding sailing in Costa del Sol. A fantastic way to unwind, get outdoors and have a great time bonding with colleagues. How it works The whole activity takes place in our own private boat, the day starts […]

  • Lego Challenge

    Our “Lego Challenge” created by Team building Malaga, its a very unusual and fun team bounding activity perfect for groups of 20 to 400 participants. This activity can take place in your conference hotel, in a private villa, on a boat, in the gardens or meeting rooms. How it works The Lego structures can be […]

  • Indoor Games

    Team building Malaga has designed an indoor package for corporate groups.  These exclusive team building activities is the best option for companies and groups from 20 pax to 150 participants looking to add a fun, ice breaking element to a team work activity. To organize this experience we only need a room with enough space […]

  • Music Workshop

    In Team building Malaga we offers you one of the most original activity for corporate groups, our “Drumming Workshop”, where each participant will play an important role during the experience and will live an unforgettable day. How it works We have designed two differents workshops, so you can choose the most suitable according to your […]

  • Molecular Experience

    Team building Malaga offers you a new concept of cocktail entertainment, available on the Costa del Sol, we called  “Molecular Tasting Experience” and it is a very unusual cocktail tasting session. How it works This Experience is a tasting session of Molecular Mixology that will generate a lot of questions, surprises and interest amongst the […]

  • Tasting Sessions

    Team Building Malaga offers you a huge amount of different tasting sessions in Costa del Sol, we can organise this in places like Marbella, Malaga, Estepona, etc. Our tasting sessions available : Beer tasting sessions Oysters tasting with our without Champagne Flamenco tasting dinners (wine, tapas, dancing show) Wine tasting sessions Chocolate tasting sessions Gins […]

  • Mixology Challenge

    Team building Malaga brings to your group the chance to become a true bartender. A group of professional mixologists and bartenders will guide you through this experience to teach you how it should be done. How it works We will divide this experience in the following phases: Introduction, Learning, Elaboration, Creativity Introduction The experience will […]

  • Drum Circles

    Team building Malaga offers you an original activity, our drum circles will show you the andalusian music, with instruments like : castagnettes, canes, anis bottles and obviously “canjon” (drum). How it works The group will learn first how to use all the instruments, whats their origin, etc. Right after that, there will be the time […]