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Your favourite Online Teambuilding activity!

In Team Building Malaga we offer you an activity adapted to the new needs of our clients, where we will mix different aspects, such as: gamification, teambuilding, the use of virtual tools, time management and leadership, without forgetting the fun and creativity. All of this will take place remotely and online.

We will divide the group into teams of a maximum of 7 members, who will work on the resolution of a themed situation about a mission to the planet Mars. Each team will have several clues and pieces of information that will be randomly distributed among its members. The activity will be developed using a remote communication platform (such as “Zoom” or “Teams”), while the teams work on our own virtual platform for the development and outcome of the game.

Each participant will have to use their communication, online cooperation, deduction and problem solving skills to crack the code needed to launch the mission to Mars. Our Mars Code is a fun and dynamic online game designed specifically for groups who are looking for a challenge that tests them, brings out the best in a team and who want to improve their skills while using different remote working tools.

The Mars Code is not just an online game, it is also a perfect opportunity to analyze the virtual collaboration skills of a company’s employees (such as how to communicate efficiently in a telecommuting situation, which data transmission platform to use, how to choose, discard and share the most relevant information, etc…).

Look no further, whatever your company objectives are, the Mars Code is one of the most complete and entertaining options as an online team building activity that you will find on the market today.



We will send all the instructions and explain the rules just before starting the activity.


The group will be divided into several teams of up to 7 participants. Each player will automatically receive several messages with information that they must use and communicate intelligently with their team members to try to decipher the answers and the correct code.


During the development of the whole game, you will have the help of our professional technicians, who will be in charge of solving any doubt that the participants may have.


As this is an online team activity, once the game is over, we will announce which team has managed to complete the game first.



Team work




Number of people: 20 to 1.000

Duration: from 30 minute to 1h

Restrictions:  It is very important to have a good internet connection, as well as ways to share information (mobile app, such as whassap) and the Google Chrome browser.

Availability: All year round


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