Your game board is the city itself!

Welcome to MonopoliPad, the exclusive and fun activity that Team Building Málaga has prepared for you and your group! Turn the city of your choice into a giant game board as you compete against other teams in an exciting gymkhana with iPads.

Using cutting-edge technology, your team will explore the city and discover points of interest that represent the squares of the famous board game. But that’s not all: get ready for creative challenges such as original photo shoots, sessions, videos, dancing, singing and much more.

You will also be able to communicate with the other teams and the bank, and exchange coins for points to advance on the board. This activity can be customised and adapted to the needs of your group, and the starting and finishing point can be anywhere in the city.

Don’t forget the lucky cards! At any time during the game, you can get special cards that will give you unique advantages and opportunities to advance on the board. Become a real tycoon and master the game like never before – MonopoliPad is much more than an interactive board game!

So gather your team and get ready to enjoy a dynamic and unique experience in the south of Spain, MonopoliPad is waiting for you!



Participants interact with the city and other teams through the game, which makes the activity very entertaining and exciting.


The activity requires teams to work together to solve the challenges and obtain game boxes, encouraging collaboration and communication.


MonopoliPad is a unique and different activity, combining elements of board games with technology, which makes it very attractive and eye-catching for participants.


The activity can be adapted to the specific needs and objectives of each group, which makes it very flexible and adaptable.

Number of people: 20 to 200

Duration: 2h

Place of the activity: This activity can be done in any city on the Costa del Sol.

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