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Will you be able to find out the secret?

At Team Building Malaga, we offer team-building experiences that are truly unique on the Costa del Sol. On this occasion, we present our thrilling event “Mystery at the Hotel,” perfect for groups seeking an exceptional activity without the need to travel. One significant advantage of this proposal, in addition to the fun and adrenaline it provides, is that it can be carried out directly at the same hotel where the group is staying.

The main purpose of this game is to unravel a hidden mystery in the hotel, which could be stored in a locked room within the premises, hidden in a chest buried in the garden, or even be a simple encoded envelope.

The game will unfold in different sectors, each with its own unique challenges and puzzles. As each team solves these trials, they will gradually approach the exciting final secret, creating an immersive and intriguing experience.

In addition to providing an activity full of excitement, our “Mystery at the Hotel” encourages collaboration and strategic thinking, as participants work together to overcome the challenges presented in each sector. This event not only offers entertainment but also the opportunity to strengthen team bonds while embarking on the exciting task of uncovering the hidden mystery at the heart of the hotel.

At Team Building Malaga, we take pride in offering experiences that go beyond the conventional, and our “Mystery at the Hotel” is a testament to that. Join us for a unique and memorable adventure right where you’re staying. We are excited to take you on a journey to explore the secrets that the hotel has to offer!



In this unique experience, we challenge your skill with thrilling puzzles and enigmas while you explore creativity as a team. Each activity is crafted to stimulate innovation, creating an environment where problem-solving merges seamlessly with creative expression.


The importance of a strong teamwork cannot be underestimated; in this challenge, it becomes the essential key. Solving the game transforms into a monumental task without the collaboration and coordination of each team member. Joining forces, sharing ideas, and working cohesively become not only necessary but also the fundamental ingredient for achieving success in this unique experience.


In this challenge, the key lies in going beyond appearances. Often, the solution to an enigma can be found right in front of you or even within the descriptive text itself. Sharpness and the ability to think beyond assumptions are essential tools for uncovering the hidden secrets.


Enjoy our activity without leaving your location. The convenience of participating directly from where you are staying eliminates the need for travel, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience effortlessly. Make the most of each challenge without worrying about moving around, and discover the comfort of living this unique experience right where you are.

Number of People: 20 to 300

Duration: 2h

Additional Information: This activity is ideal for those groups who are looking to do an activity that combines various factors, such as teamwork, games of skill, “escape” challenges, etc.

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