Hotel Mystery

Will you be able to find the secret?

In Team Building Malaga we offer original team building experiences and activities that you won’t find anywhere else in Costa del Sol. In this occasion we propose our “Hotel Mystery”, perfect activity for those groups searching for an original experience with no need of going out of their hotel!  One of the greatest advantages of this activity is that it is not only a unique and fun but most of all, you can do this activity in the hotel where the group is accommodated!

How it works

We will first divide the group into different teams that will have to compete each other! Each team will be given a small backpack with the needed materials and an iPad as their principal tool. During the activity, the teams will have to overcome some challenges using their ingenuity and deduction skills. With this activity, we will test different skills of the participants such as:

  • Team work
  • Ingenuity
  • Creativity
  • Problems solving
  • Time management
  • And much more!

The final aim of the game is to discover a hidden secret in the hotel. This secret can be hidden in a locked room, in a treasure chest buried in the garden or even be an encryption code.

The whole game is divided into different segments. Each segment has its own challenges and riddles and as the team resolve all the riddles and overcome the small challenges, nearer they will be from the final secret!

This experience is a competition, only one team will be the winner! Each team has to be quick and develop very good teamwork skills to win the competition!

If you are searching for an original activity for your group, but you prefer staying in your hotel or nearby your hotel, this is the perfect experience for you!

Additional Information

Number of participants:  From 10 to 300 people
All year round, subject to availability
Languages spoken:  
English, Spanish, French


Marbella, Málaga, Estepona, Sevilla, Granada, Ronda

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