New High Seven

new exclusive teambuilding game

HIGH-SEVEN is the new exclusive activity created by Team building Malaga. This unusual activity combines an interactive treasure hunt experience (HIGH-FIVE) with several gastronomy challenges.

How it works

We will provide each team with an iPad with a geolocalization map that will guide the teams at all time. The different groups will have to compete against each other.

On top of the iPad, the teams will have a backpack as well, in which they will find all sorts of “tools” that they will need at a certain moment of the game to solve a quiz, take a picture, answer a question, build something, etc. The guiding thread of the High-Seven activity is all related to gastronomy, and the teams will use a personalized iPads to design their strategy and evolve into this game. This iPad features geolocalization and a professional software used for such team building exercises, including a map of the place. On the map there will be some icons or POI (points of interest) that the teams will have to head to in order to complete a task that will pop up automatically.

Each task can be something like :

  • Taking a funny picture or record a video
  • Answering a question about the place or about your company
  • Brain game and puzzles
  • Working as a team to achieve a specific objective
  • Interaction with the locals
  • etc….

On top of all this,  we will add several challenges related to the Spanish gastronomy. These challenges are, for example:

  • Blind Olive Oil, beer, cheese or wine tasting challenges
  • Quiz about Iberian products (hams, etc)
  • Cocktail making
  • Sangria preparation competition
  • Preparation of some Spanish dishes (e.g. Andalusian tapas, etc)
  • And much more

Here you will need a lot of creativity, team work and consensus, culinary skills, strategy and team communication to win the game. But one thing is sure, even if you do not win, you’ll definitely enjoy an unforgettable team activity.

This game can be performed in most of the cities of Andalucia, like Marbella, Malaga, Estepona, Ronda, Granada, Sevilla, etc.

Additional Information

Number of participants: From 10 to 400
Duration: 2h to 3h
Corporate:  A good combination of teambuilding, incentives, culture, gastronomy, exclusive by TBM
What to wear: Comfortable clothes, footware suitable for walking and running
Availability: All year round, subject to availability.
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, French



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