Play and Cook


A revolutionary gastronomy activity!

Team building Malaga has designed an activity perfect for those gastronomy lovers eager to learn more about the local cuisine and have a great time!

Divided into three parts, we can organize our “Play & Cook” in Marbella or any area of Malaga.

First, there will be a gastronomy-related treasure hunt with Ipads in the old town. The objective is to obtain the most ingredients by completing a series of challenges and games. These ingredients will be necessary to make your paella.

Then, the group will be transported to a restaurant in order to prepare their own Sangria (the classic and original version) and where they will have a chance to redeem their points.

Lastly, it is time to make your own paella using the ingredients acquired during the treasure hunt and Sangria challenge. This process will be accompanied by some canapes and drinks. The paellas will then be judged based on their flavour, creativity and presentation. For a team to win this competition, they will have to perform very well in the treasure hunt as well as in the preparation of the sangria and paella.



The treasure hunt prior to the activity is very important as it will help you gain points to later obtain materials for the gastronomic workshop.


In this gastronomic workshop originality is the key factor. The more creative you are in the challenges, the more chances you have for gaining extra points.


Apart from playing, having fun and cooking, you must also present your creation so be sure to prepare a good speech that will convince the jury your Paella is the best!


Once the activity is over, everyone will be able to enjoy their own creations as Paellas will be served to each group at the table accompanied by starters, dessert and drinks.



Team Work




Number of People: 15 to 300

Duration: from 5h (activity + dinner or lunch)

Additional Information: This experience is perfect for groups (large or small) that are looking for a complete teambuilding activity, as it combines teamwork, gastronomy, fun, etc