Quiz Challenge For Groups

An interactive team building activity with Ipads

Team building Malaga propose you a very original teambuilding activity called the “Team Quiz”,  that can be done indoor (ideal for winter or as plan B for any beach activity, for example). This activity will unify the team, create emotional bonds and above all create a really fun and challenging experience.

How it works

This activity is a quiz challenge competition, where the teams has to answer questions (like tv shows), this questions can be related to sports, art, culture, etc
It is a combination of new technologies (interactive iPads, personalized application, etc), challenge (the groups to answer to the maximum number of questions), just like in a real TV program!
Each team will sit around one same table and have an iPad, and will try to answer a series of questions raised by the presenter.

Rules of the game:

  • Identification of the teams and personalization of the iPads : each team takes a group picture before the game starts (to identify the team visually)
  • Once started, the presenter raises questions to all the contestants’ terminals/tablets, simultaneously
  • The question and the 4 possible options are shown in all devices and the teams have time constraints to answer.
  • Each team has to answer all questions.
  • Points are allocated for the correct answers, but also extra bonus for the three fastest teams to answer

The presenter can:

  • Show the correct answer (or not)
  • Show both the results per team and the general classification
  • Show the percentage of answers given by each team
  • Keep on going to the next question

We generally includes :

  • Event Director
  • An iPad per team
  • Personalization of iPads (client logo, tailor-made questions, etc)
  • An iPad for the presenter, connected to a TV or projector
  • Inclusion of personalized questions (company values, product or service)
  • Event managers and assistants
  • Pictures of the event

We will need the hotel or venue to provide WIFI, projector and the screen, but if not available we will organize this ourselves.

This activity it’s mobile, meaning it can be done in places like: hotel, venue, indoor or outdoors, etc. So it’s a very flexible activity suitable for incentive trips, team building exercises, conferences, etc. Just contact us for more information and we will help you to create your next Quiz event.

Additional Information

Number of participants: From 20 to 150
Duration: 2h to 3h
Weather: This activity take place indoor
Corporate: Ideal activity for groups of friends, team building events and incentive trips on the Costa del Sol
Availability: All year round, subject to availability.
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, French



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