Team Bonding is the set of experiences and activities that focuses primarily on strengthening RELATIONSHIPS within a team, while Team Building focuses on the collective productivity of a team. A Team Building activity may well achieve elements of Team Bonding as well, but a Team Bonding activity may not necessarily achieve the results intended for a Team Building activity. Team Bonding activities are generally simpler than Team Building activities, and may simply involve team members spending time together enjoying a scenic route in vintage cars, sailing an afternoon around the Mediterranean, or letting their hair down in a karaoke after a Malaga dinner.

One could argue, however, that no team building activity could be truly effective without at least some aspect of Team Bonding – a point we agree with. In addition to simply knowing how to work with others, good relationships within a team are the key to improving the effectiveness of the team. However, Team Bonding activities are more of an investment in the relational aspect of a team than in its commercial aspect.

At TBM (Team Building Malaga) we are experts in this type of activity and we are convinced of the added value that a good Team Bonding activity brings to the people involved. We have qualified, multilingual and very experienced staff, motivated to transform any simple group into a united team and also guaranteeing competitiveness and fun at the same time. As we are based in Andalusia – Malaga – Costa del Sol, we are experts in this wonderful destination and we will be happy to demonstrate this to you by organising your activities to take full advantage of Team Bonding.

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