Team Building is the set of dynamics and integration activities in a company that are used to make members interact in a group in order to improve their abilities to “play” as a team. What makes Team Building so attractive for companies? That the activities in which you can participate are both educational and fun, that is, they mix fun with work… the perfect combination!

While Team Bonding is basically focused on entertaining employees, Team Building seeks a subsequent reflection on the actions and results that have occurred and usually seeks one or more specific objectives (improve productivity, communication, leadership, time management, etc). Team Building focuses on employee behavior and how it can affect the good atmosphere, internal communication and ultimately the productivity of a department or an entire company.

Team building can also help to develop and improve certain facets such as communication, planning and conflict resolution. Some activities will also be able to generate empathy and compassion, to encourage long-term behaviour change or to clarify to workers how to build positive connections with each other.

At TBM (Team Building Malaga) we are experts in these types of activities and we are convinced of the added value that a good team building activity brings to the people who participate. We have qualified, multilingual and very experienced staff, motivated to transform any simple group into a united team and also guaranteeing competitiveness and fun at the same time. As we are based in Andalusia – Malaga – Costa del Sol, we are experts in this wonderful destination and we will be happy to demonstrate this to you by organising your activities to get the most out of team building.

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