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Shoot and edit your own movie

Team building Malaga offers you the opportunity to get closer to the wonderful world of cinema. You will have all the necessary material at your disposal so that you can create your own film or short, making use of your ingenuity and creativity.

Before entering the subject, you will have to follow three very simple guidelines:

  • Theme: choose the right props and costumes
  • Design:make sure you choose a wardrobe worthy of your film
  • Script: the key to any film/short film is a good script!

Once all the above points are clear and the groups are formed, you can start with your own production. Each member of the group must have a specific role, so it is your responsibility to choose the right person for the each task.

¡Become a wonderful movie director!



It is necessary to understand and take care of the material that will be provided for the recordings. As with any photo/video material, they require some special care.


The locations to film during the activity will be very picturesque, from a famous square of the city to a garden, from around a church or cathedral to small charming streets.


It is essential to have a coordination with the whole production team, because you have to know at what moment the actors enter, it is recorded with the camera.


Although the whole process may seem laborious, this activity is a lot of fun.  Also, at the end you will have the opportunity to watch the recording with the whole team.

Physical Demand






Number of people: 20 to 100

Duration: 4h

Additional Information: This is a completely customizable experience, so don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us what you like.