Collaborative Canvas

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A very special collaborative canvas

From Team Building Málaga, we present “Collaborative Canvas”, an exclusive activity ideal as an “ice-breaker” and “team building” that combines fun and competition.

In this activity we will work:

  • Teamwork.
  • Creativity.
  • Competition.
  • Graffiti techniques.

Each team will have a large canvas on where they will express their creativity using posca markers and sprays. From scratch they will create their own work of art, having each team member to contibute with their vision and inspiration, in this inspiring, transgressive and creative activity.

A group of experts in urban art and graffiti will guide and supervise the participants in every step of the activity, in addition to working hand in hand with a team of experts in team building techniques who will study the behavior of the teams and promote expression creativity within the group, communication and collaboration of the members of each team.

Also along with this activity there is the possibility of creating YOUR GIANT LOGO at the same time created by our professional and renowned graffiti artist, thus creating an original and exclusive branding.

If we aim to add a more competitive and dynamic touch to the activity, we can divide the participants into teams and engage in our very own canvas battle. An artistic experience that’s hard to forget.



Each team must deliberate and decide what their work is going to be about and what style and design they want to create.


All participants have complete freedom to create and execute on their canvas.



Cada equipo presentará su obra y la expondrá ante nuestro equipo y el resto de equipos, deberán hacerlo de manera divertida y constructiva.


Together they will create a huge work of art by pooling their ideas.

Physical Conditions






Number of people: 20 to 200

Duration: 2 to 3h

Additional Information:  Available all year round, ideal activity for team building, incentive conventions…


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