For Corporate groups looking for technology related activities

We have designed and developped technology-related activities for Corporate groups visiting the beautiful Costzaza del Sol and interested in combining teambuilding challenges with culture, gastronomy, team work, photo safari, visits, etc

All the group activities described here-under have been designed exclusively by our team building creation team and can be fully adapted to meet all your requirements (available time, budget, expectations, cities of interest, etc).

  • Treasure Hunt in Malaga

    Team building Malaga propose you a very original activity, a mixure of fun and cultural knowledge. Our “scavenger/treasure” hunt called “High Five” its the perfect solution in Costa del Sol How it works Each team will have an ipad tablet and a bag with all sorts of “tools” that they will need to complete several […]

  • Play & Cook

    Team building Malaga has created a very original team building challenge, perfect for those people interested in gastronomy, we called “Play and Cook” and its available in Marbella, but also anywhere in Malaga area. It consists in a unique combination of everything you are probably looking for at the moment : Treasure hunt Quiz Photo […]

  • New High Seven

    HIGH-SEVEN is the new exclusive activity created by Team building Malaga. This unusual activity combines an interactive treasure hunt experience (HIGH-FIVE) with several gastronomy challenges. How it works We will provide each team with an iPad with a geolocalization map that will guide the teams at all time. The different groups will have to compete againts […]

  • Treasure Hunt in Seville

    Team building Malaga offers you a challenging and cultural team building activity in SEVILLA in the historical center. How it works Each team will receive and ipad tablet and a bag with tools that they will have to use at certain point of the game, in order to perform several tasks and resolve special challenges. It’s a […]

  • Quiz Challenge For Groups

    Team building Malaga propose you a very original teambuilding activity called the “Team Quiz”,  that can be done indoor (ideal for winter or as plan B for any beach activity, for example). This activity will unify the team, create emotional bonds and above all create a really fun and challenging experience. How it works This activity is a […]

  • Film Festival

    Team building Malaga offers the perfect opportunity to discover and enjoy the cinema world with a really fun team building activity. We will provide you with all the materials needed to create your own movie, using your ingenuity, creativity and team work skills. This challenge is perfect for those groups who are looking to do […]

  • Games Corner

    Team building Malaga offers you a wide range of entertainment services, perfect for meetings after work or just to have fun after a long day. Content Our games corner is a series of uniques games that we have available in Costa del Sol,for corporate groups and incentives. As we have plenty of them, here is […]

  • Cabrio Route

    Team building Malaga offers you an unique way to discover & explore the wonderful destination that is the Costa del Sol. Let us show you a wonderful route where you can be fascinated with the intense blue colour from the Mediterranean Sea, the natural landscapes in order to discover the charming white villages. The best […]

  • PicMoment

    Team building Malaga has designed and created an exclusivity activity for incentives and corporate groups in Costa del Sol. How it works You will have to create 12 different situations and make a photo of each. These situations, called PicMoments, it has to represent each month of the year. For example, you could create situation […]

  • Mozaipad

    Mozaipad is an exclusive treasure hunt experience created by Team building Malaga where you will have to cooperate with your teamates to “obtain” mosaics and tiles, one of the most typical products in Andalucia, common used in bars, houses, etc. In this team building activity you will discover the most historical and artistic places of the […]

  • TeamBuilding Treasure Hunt

    The High-Six is the Next Generation of iPad treasure huntsdesigned and developed EXCLUSIVELY BY Team building Malaga, an unique teambuilding experience in Andalucia This funny activity combines team work, team challenges and a lot of fun. We can organise this experience in many places around Andalucis, like for example Estepona, Málaga, Sevilla, Ronda, Granada, Gibraltar. How […]

  • CulturiPad

    Team building Malaga has created the perfect activity for groups and corporate events that can be organised many cities around Andalucia, like Malaga, Granada, Sevilla. How it works We propose you a guided visit with an iPad, where you will discover all the cultural aspects, secrets and hidden spots of the city using only the […]

  • High Five! iPad Fun in Marbella

    We offer you an unique, innovative and exclusive team building experience that takes place in most of the city centers of Andalucia. How it works It consists in a very unusual gymkhana with iPads (tablets) that features: 3G/4G, QR codes, gMaps. Is possible to customize this experience as well depending on the time avaiable, size […]

  • High Five in Estepona!

    Team building Malaga propose you our High Five interactive treasure hunt in the beatiful town of Estepona. This experience is a great, innovative and exclusive team building experience to take place in most of the cities centers of Andalucia. How it works Each team will have an ipad tablet and a bag with all sorts of […]

  • CSR Treasure Hunt

    Team building Malaga brings you an unique opportunity, a combination of Social Interactive treasure hunt with a good purpose, to help those people in need around the world. How it works In this experience you will use and iPad, with an geolocation software, it also has a customizable map that will cover the area with differents […]